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Zoomington is an emergent morris tradition. It is essentially an adaptation of existing traditions for remote performance over videoconferencing platforms ("Zoom" being the dominant product at the time of this writing, August 2020). These adaptations became necessary during the worldwide pandemic of 2020.

Figures (Fieldtown style)

Foot up and up

Straight towards camera, hopbacks, FTJ, repeat. Start left foot first half, right foot second. We’ve been doing this with hopbacks as that came from the jigs we’ve been doing. For set dances, 360 degree galley (left then right) might be visually more interesting.

Half hands

Straight out to your left, starting left foot, hopbacks, FTJ turning 180 on the jump, straight out to right (starting right foot). Go close to the edge of your visual square on each side.

Back to Back

Diagonally forward to your left in one double step (starting left), cross straight across to the right on second step, hopback diagonally to start (at center). Repeat starting right foot and going to the right then left across the camera. Aim for the being at the side of the frame at the end of the first step, go all the way across to the other side of the frame on the second. This means adjusting your distance from the camera as appropriate so you can get a good side to side motion but still be visible.


Spiral 360 in 2 double steps to face the camera (starting left foot and moving forward to the left and curving over right shoulder all the way around to face front), hopbacks, FTJ, repeat spiraling in the opposite direction. The path shape is a logarithmic spiral, i.e. less a circle and more like a fiddlehead fern or a nautilus shell. This puts you forward of the starting position at the end of the 2 double steps and hopbacks straight back return you to starting position.

Heys (tentative)

Tops of the hey: cast tight over left shoulder, turning 630 degrees while moving towards original right in 2 side steps to end facing right at the right side of the zoom frame (starts with a left side step). Hopbacks to starting position, FTJ turning on the jump to face front. Repeat to the other side (for whole hey) casting over right shoulder while moving left. Wordier translation of 630 degrees: cast all the way around to face almost front on the first double step, continue turning the same direction another 3/4 of a turn on the second double step to end facing to the side. Bottoms of the hey: Same as above but reversing to cast over right should to start. Centers of the hey: Same as tops.

Variations we have done just to give them names:

  • Reversed half hands - start to right then left
  • Reversed back to back - start diagonal right, then left
  • Reversed rounds - spiral starting to right and curving left. We’ve never used this but it’s an obvious variant.