Three Musketeers

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Three Musketeers
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands stick
Set size 6
Tune British Grenadiers
Musical sequence Need sequence
Notes by Marguerite Dommett


  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Back-to-back
  • Rounds


  • Clashes:
    • First corners leap in to face each other in the center,
    • Middles step back and turn to face second corners (who turn to face them).
    • Forehand high, backhand low sticking.
    • First corners leap back out, second corners leap in, middles turn to face firsts.
    • Forehand high, backhand low sticking.
    • Second corners leap out, all turn to face partner (middles stepping back into set line).
    • Forehand high, backhand low, forehand high, backhand high sticking.
  • Half hey.
  • Repeat back to place, same order of people jumping in (faces not places)



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