The Curly-Headed Ploughboy

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The Curly-Headed Ploughboy
Tradition Bledington
Hands stick
Set size 6
Tune The Curly-Headed Ploughboy
Musical sequence Need sequence

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  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Whole hands
  • Rounds
  • Whole Hey

Ends with a hook and 2 plain capers


  • Middles clash high, while ends strike tips to floor to their own right
  • Middles bend over and strike floor in front while ends (1 with 5, 2 with 6) clash over middles (where middles' heads would be if standing up).
  • Repeat sticking, then 1 fourie caper turning over left shoulder in place, step and jump.
  • Repeat whole sequence.



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