General Ludd

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General Ludd
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands hankies
Set size 6
Tune Ludd's March
Musical sequence Need sequence

Fieldtown hankie dance for 6. Tune: Ludd's March, by Antone Cepernich (1992), who doesn't like us calling it "General Ludd."

Ludd's March diagram.jpg


  • Foot up (hop-backs)
  • Half hands
  • Back-to-back
  • Rounds

Set should be more square than usual.


  • All cast over their left shoulder with a side step into a large circle.
  • Continue the cast with a double step and a caper into the center (more a leap than a caper on the 4th beat of the double step).
  • Land on both feet and bounce into 2 hucklebacks starting with a right leg swing moving back to original set position.
  • Foot together jump to face partner.
  • Two open side steps to cross with partner:
    • starting with a right side step and passing back to back,
    • then a left side step (turning over right shoulder) to nose to nose on the opposite side.
    • Middles turn 270° on the 2 side steps to end in the middle facing up or down the set.
    • Back away with hopbacks to a reoriented set which has turned 90° clockwise.
    • All land facing the new head of the set on the foot together jump at the end of the hopbacks.
  • Two closed side steps (right, left) facing the head of the set, 4 plain capers turning to face (new) partner on the fourth.

Ends with 6 plain capers (an additional 2).



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