Bonnets So Blue

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Bonnets So Blue
Tradition Bessels Leigh
Hands stick
Set size 6
Tune Bonnets So Blue
Musical sequence

This page is a placeholder! You can help by filling in the dance details. Bessels Leigh stick dance for six.


  • Once-to-yourself
  • Foot-up
  • Through-the-middle
  • Cast
  • (no half-rounds)
  • Crossover
  • Whole-hey


  • side-step left passing left shoulder with partner, no clash
  • continue turning over left shoulder side-step right, no clash
  • End facing partner from other side of set
  • side-step left in place, clashing
  • side-step right in place, clash
  • Clash with partner: (L forehand)-(R forehand)-(L forehand)-(R forehand)-(Lfore/Lback)-(Rfore/Rback)-(Lfore)-(Both)
  • Back up (slightly) on 1 left double-step to form a ring:
    • bottom couple face across
    • middles face up
    • tops face down
  • Begin circular hey, clashing right on first pass
  • for 6 side-steps, clashing with inside hand
  • In place of the last strike, continue left shoulder pass
  • but turn 180 right and crossback (passing right shoulders backwards) to where you began the circular hey;
  • you are now on the opposite side from where you began the chorus; next figure from here


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