Bledlow Cross

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Bledlow Cross
Tradition Paradise Islanders
Hands hankies
Set size 12 or 16
Tune Siege of Delhi
Musical sequence AA BB CCA BB CA BCC

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6 single steps with relaxed arm swings, 1 double step with show up (as in Fieldtown)


  • Dance on - start in line of 12 off stage
    • Dance straight onstage in 2 sequences of stepping.
  • Windmill
    • At start of phrase, front 3 dancers pivot as a unit to form a windmill arm at 3 o'clock (1 on outside, 3 in center)
    • Next 3 dancers move straight up to 12 o'clock
    • Next three pivot as a unit to form the 9 0'clock arm (dancer 7 in center, 9 on outside)
    • Last 3 dancers move straight up to form 6 o'clock arm
    • That takes one sequence of stepping and all face clockwise
    • Rotate the windmill using one sequence of stepping to move 1/4 around. Finishes with original first 3 at 12 o'clock
  • Squares
    • All dance forward for one sequence to edge of an imaginary square, outside person at the corner of the square.
    • All turn right 90 degrees and dance along the side of the square to the opposite corner
    • All turn right and dance forward to reform the windmill in one sequence. Everyone is halfway around the set from starting position
    • Continue dancing forward to opposite edge of square
    • Turn right, dance along the edge
    • Turn right, dance forward to reform the windmill back in starting postion
  • Reel - hey for 12 down each arm and up the next clockwise around
    • Outsides face in, middles and centers face out in radial lines of 3. Start a right shoulder hey for 3
    • When the outside person reaches the center, instead of turning back up the line, they cross to the bottom of the next arm clockwise around the set
    • This can be thought of as a right shoulder pass with the other 4 dancers coming down their lines which is followed by a left shoulder pass up the next line
    • Each dancer in turn will cross to the next set as they come to the center.
    • Each pass takes one single step. At the end of 6 single steps, original outside people are facing in at the end of the next arm clockwise around
    • Middle people are facing the outside people one arm around,
    • while original centers are back in their starting positon ready to cross over to the next arm on the next single step
    • Everyone does the end of sequence double step on the spot (ideally, in practice people are usually still trying to get to position)
    • Repeat 3 more times moving to each arm in turn to finish in original arm
  • Rounds and Stars
    • At end of reel, outside dancers start a large clockwise circle. Middle and center dancers continue up the arm, turn right 90 degrees and fall in behind
    • Circle around until end of second stepping sequence (8 bars).
    • Front of each group of 3 (original outside dancers) turns over right shoulder and they dance a circle of 3 for 4 bars
    • All turn over left shoulder and dance a left hand star of 3 for another 4 bars (take hands in the star)
    • At the end of the phrase, whoever is tangent to the original large circle continues the circle counter clockwise, other 2 continue the star and fall in behind
  • In and Out
    • Circle counter clockwise for 2 stepping sequences (that includes the time to form the circle)
    • All face in and advance slowly into center. Show and whoop on the double step
    • All slowly back out to original circle
    • Repeat all that except do a foot together jump with 180 degree spin right to finish facing out with a show

Dance off (optional)

  • 2 people at head of set (decided during the in and out as this is somewhat indeterminate) dance away from each other around the outside of the circle
  • Everyone else dancers towards the head of the set and follows. The 2 people at the bottom of the set split to go opposite directions
  • Front 2 people circle around and cross through the center followed by everyone else.
  • This produces a figure 8 pattern will alternate sides crossing through the middle
  • After some amount of time, #1 leads off and everyone else follows
  • Music: Brighton Camp

Variation for 16

  • All figures are done in groups of 4 instead of 3.
  • For the reel, the outermost person does not participate in the reel but dances 1/4 around clockwise each sequence to meet their line which has moved

Music pattern

Although this can be summarized as "AA BB CCA BB CA BCC", here's how it lines up with the dance:

  • A for naught
  • A dancers start and form the wheel
  • B wheel turns
  • B wheel turns
  • C squares
  • C squares
  • A finish squares to end up back in cross
  • B Reels
  • B Reels
  • C Lead out to form big circle
  • A Rounds & Stars
  • B Rounds & Stars
  • C Centre (big whoop!) in & out
  • C Centre in & out, four capers at the end to turn facing out (I think)



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