Young Collins

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Young Collins
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands stick
Set size 6
Tune Young Collins
Musical sequence Need sequence


  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Back-to-back
  • Rounds


  • Tap stick butt on ground in front 3 times.
  • Tap partner's stick 3 times (forehand, butt of stick and low to the ground).
  • Tap ground 3 times again.
  • Stand and toss (different direction each time):
    • Backhand clash with partner
      • First chorus — toss straight across to partner
      • Second chorus — toss to the right (across on the ends). Catch stick on left
      • Third chorus — toss left (acrross on ends). Catch stick coming from right
      • Fourth chorus — corners toss. Skip second set of taps on the ground, toss first corners, then second, then third. Tosses are on beats 1, 3, 5 and all clash on 7.
  • Half hey.
  • Repeat back to place.



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