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Tradition Fieldtown
Hands hankies
Set size 4
Tune Go and 'List For a Sailor + Go and 'List
Musical sequence Need sequence
Notes by Randall Cayford


  • Foot up,
  • Half hands,
  • Back to back,
  • Windlass hey

Windlass hey

  • First corners cast over their left shoulders with two open side steps to face each other in the center on opposite sides, hopback to corner position.
  • Meanwhile, second corners do 2 open side step up to their left, around the first corner to end facing out on the second corner diagonal, hopback to their original place.
  • Repeat all.

Note, second corners do the same track both times, just around a different person.


  • All turning right shoulder into the center to face clockwise around the set,
  • 8 open side steps:
    • Right side step into center shoulder to shoulder, shift 90° on the hop
    • and left side step out to progressed position (1 position clockwise around set).
    • Eight will get everyone back home.
  • Two fourie capers forward around set (keep the circle big),
  • then galley right ¼ or so to new position (which will be your corner position) facing partner.
  • Ends with 4 plain capers instead of the galley, turning over your right shoulder to face out on the diagonal


Regular Zoomington figures

There are four choruses which are somewhat different from each other.


  • top row does 4 open side steps (right, left, right, left)
  • bottom row does 4 open side steps
  • all do two fourie capers in a circle followed by galley right 1/4 or so


  • Same but left column and right column


  • Same but first diagonal (top left and bottom right) and second diagonal (top right and bottom left)


  • Top left does 2 open side steps
  • Top right joins in and does 2 open side steps (along with top left who continues)
  • Bottom right joins in for 2 open side steps (along with those continuing)
  • Bottom left joins in and all dance 2 open side steps
  • all do two fourie capers in a circle followed by capering out



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