The Fool

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The Fool
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands hankies
Set size 6
Tune The Idiot (Stan Rogers, adapted)
Musical sequence A. AB (AC)3
Notes Dance: Merrie Mac Morris Team, Concord, NH (1986)


Once to yourself (the whole A part, 16 bars) Come in with 2 hopbacks, foot-together-jump

  • Foot Up and Down
  • Half Hands
  • Back to Back
  • Rounds

End with chorus, 4 capers up - singing "and that makes me an idiot I suppose"

Figure stepping

Extended figures - there is a fugal corner crossing after each half figure. 2 double-step, 2 hopbacks, foot-together-jump, corner cross, repeat

Corner Cross, a.k.a. "fugue":

  • 1st corners cross 3 open side steps with shows, starting right, stay facing out (start on 1st phrase and should be 3/4 across with first side step)
  • 2nd corners cross with 2 oss, starting left, stay facing out
  • 3rd corners cross with 1 oss, starting right
  • All galley left - NO FOOT TOGETHER JUMP (like Ascot quick galley)
  • Move immediately into second half of figure or chorus
  • You should be on the correct foot and flow into it easily

All crosses are belly to belly with your corner (natural if starting on the correct foot)


  • Cross set to opposite's position (use a different 'crossing step' each chorus, see below)
  • Turn left to face up or down the set (odds up, evens down)
  • 1 double-step up or down, 2 hopbacks, foot together jump
  • Repeat 'crossing step' to original side (lead right foot)
  • Turn left to face up or down (odds down, evens up)
  • 1 double-step, 2 hopbacks, foot-together-jump
  • Whole hey

Chorus 'crossing steps' and sequence

  1. Right side step with right hand show - belly to belly (Regular music)
  2. Right squash-beetle - fall back facing up or down (Slow music)
  3. Right upright caper - fall back facing up or down (Slow music)
  4. Struts - 4 strutting steps starting right foot, (Slow music)

salute with right hankie (left ro right) facing out



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