Step Back

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Step Back
Tradition Fieldtown (extended figures)
Hands hankies
Set size 6
Tune Old Molly Oxford
Musical sequence Need sequence


“A”s: extended form of:

  • Foot up (4 stepbacks)
  • Half hands
  • Back-to-back
  • Rounds

All hopbacks are replaced with 4 stepbacks. “A” figures are half the figure with 4 stepbacks, 2 double-steps in place facing partner, galley; repeat for other half of figure. (Galleys are right, left, except for foot-up is galley down, for foot-down is galley up.)

Foot-up & down each start on the inside foot (as is the rule for extended figure dances, the opposite of most dances; however, other “A” figures are not different here.)


“B”s are:

  • side-double to the left (side-step, double-step)
  • side step to the right
  • foot-together-jump
  • half hey

Repeat that for 2nd half of chorus. End with 4 stepbacks facing up.

Hankies on stepbacks have 4 sharp side-to-side shows, one hand in front, one in back.



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