Spin Cycle

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Spin Cycle
Tradition Bessels Leigh
Hands hankies? sticks?
Set size 8
Tune From Night 'til Morn
Musical sequence Need sequence

  1. Foot Up
  2. Foot Down
  3. Chorus
  4. Crossover (0 axis)
  5. Crossover (90 axis)
  6. Chorus
  7. Hey (0 axis)
  8. Hey (90 axis)
  9. Chorus, end on caper out

Chorus (Around and Through and Back)

  • “half” rounds (CW), only advancing about 2 places (1 goes to 4, 2 goes to 6, etc.)
  • through the middle to opposite positions, staying round
  • “half” rounds (CCW) back 2 positions, crossback to new home on opposite corner from initial start.

(OR for final chorus)

  • normal doublesteps for second (post TTM) half rounds, caper out (facing out) instead of crossbacks into set lines. The caper out should be a circle of 8 facing outwards from the center of the set.

Crossover (reorienting)

At the tail end of the crossover, when all would pass by R shoulder and turn around each other 180 before crossbacks home, middles (2 crossing with 3, 4 crossing with 5) pass by R shoulder as usual but turn 90/270 together and crossback up (2 and 3) or down (4 and 5) the set. Tops crossback a bit wider than normal and open up a space for 3 and 4, making a new line of 4 turned 90 degrees from the starting orientation of the set. New line should be (2 4 3 1). Bottoms likewise open for the lower middles who do the same reorienting turn together. The new line of 4 should be (8 6 5 7) NOTE : do this twice through and everybody should be home to their starting positions

Hey (reorienting)

  • 1st half hey per standard BL figure
  • 2nd half hey, tops and bottoms go up and down the set in pairs as normal. Middles double step backwards out of set as normal. Middles then turn to face each other and do crossbacks in place, tops and bottoms stay facing away from the center of the set (instead of turning to face each other) and crossback into the space between the old middles. Tops and bottoms turn on FTJ and face in to the new set. Set has now reoriented 90 degrees.

NOTE : convention will be that the line containing the original #1 will be the new "odd" line. This will mean that the former even side middles are now the tops.



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