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{{dance <!-- This is the quick reference table -->
|tradition=[[Bessels Leigh]]
|tune=Bonnets So Blue
__NOTOC__ <!-- This prevents a table of contents from being automatically generated -->
Dance description, historical notes, and general information goes here. Good idea to mention the tradition, who wrote the Bessels Leigh stick dance, etcfor six.
* figure 1 Once-to-yourself* figure 2 Foot-up* figure 3 Through-the-middle* figure 4 Cast* (no half-rounds)* Crossover* Whole-hey
Description * side-step left passing left shoulder with partner, no clash* continue turning over left shoulder side-step right, no clash* End facing partner from other side of set* side-step left in place, clashing* side-step right in place, clash* Clash with partner: (L forehand)-(R forehand)-(L forehand)-(R forehand)-(Lfore/Lback)-(Rfore/Rback)-(Lfore)-(Both)* Back up (slightly) on 1 left double-step to form a ring:** bottom couple face across** middles face up** tops face down* Begin circular hey, clashing right on first pass* for 6 side-steps, clashing with inside hand* In place of the last strike, continue left shoulder pass* but turn 180 right and crossback (passing right shoulders backwards) to where you began the circular hey;* you are now on the opposite side from where you began the chorus; next figure from here

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