Princess Royal

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Princess Royal
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands hankies
Set size 1 or 2 (single or double jig)
Tune The Princess Royal (major)
Musical sequence A. AB CB CB (for single jig)


Once to yourself, come in with shuffle backs.


  1. Foot up (4 Double Steps)
  2. 16 Plain Capers
  3. 4 Squash Beetles

Music is fast for figure 1, slows for figures 2 and 3.

Each figure ends with:

  • Sidestep Right, Sidestep Left
  • Hopbacks
  • Foot Together Jump


  • Side double right
  • Side double left
  • Sidestep right
  • Sidestep left
  • special bit*
  • Sidestep right
  • Sidestep left
  • Galley
  • Foot-together-jump

*The special bits are:

  1. 2 Mrs. Casey steps
  2. Clap front, under right leg, front, under left leg
  3. Clap front, touch forehead (or lips), salute left, clap front, touch forehead (or lips), salute right.

Caper out on the last chorus (galley, 2 capers).



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