Ockington Stick Dance

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Ockington Stick Dance
Tradition Ockington
Hands stick
Set size 4
Tune Drowsy Maggie (adapted)
Musical sequence Need sequence


  • Single steps throughout. Stationary on choruses
  • Sequence is 8 single steps, hit tip of stick on ground in the center of the set 3 times


  • Rounds
  • Back to back
    • First corners back to back in 8 single steps. Clash forehand on #2 while passing r shoulders, move right, clash backhand on #6 while backing.
    • Second corners do same for second half
  • Baseball (jump turn)
    • First corners pass right shoulder in 4 steps, clashing forehand on #2
    • Plant both feet at the end of the 4th step. Jump and spin left 180 to land and clash on #5. Pass right shoulder back to home (no clash)
    • Second corners do same for second half
  • Inner hey (whole hands)
    • Only active corners moving, clash left, partner, moving across, then other left, partner coming back.
    • Clashes are on beats 1,3,5 & 7. Pass r shoulders with corner, but spin to left to face each inactive corner as you pass them.
    • You actually spin a full 360 degrees to the left, 90 degrees at a time.)
    • Second corners do same for second half
  • Outer hey (rights and lefts)
    • Everyone moves at once. Hey around 4 sides of a square, passing r,l,r,l
    • Sticking forehand on right, backhand on left, hit sticks on floor 3 times
    • Repeat all in opposite direction (still r,l,r,l).
    • The first half starts with your neighbor, the second half with your partner
  • Fast sticking
    • Active corners clash r,l,partner on beats 1,2,3 while crossing on 4 beats: repeat back home.
    • This is usually done 3 times by each pair, faster each time, raising sticks in center at end
    • Dance ends with this figure


  • On successive beats, #1,#2,#3, #4 bring their sticks (with a big swing) to the horizontal at about waist level into center
  • each stick coming on top of previous one.
  • Then each in turn pull their stick off the bottom of the stack & swing it to the top again,
  • followed by usual 3 hits of tips on floor



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