Morning Star

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Morning Star
Tradition Bledington
Hands stick
Set size 6
Tune Morning Star
Musical sequence Need sequence


  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Whole hands
  • Rounds
  • Whole hey


  • Sticking (two handed): right diagonal backhand, left diagonal forehand, p backhand, partner backhand
  • left diagonal forehand, right diagonal backhand, partner forehand, partner forehand
  • right diagonal backhand, partner forehand, partner backhand, left diagonal forehand
  • left diagonal backhand, partner backhand, right diagonal backhand, partner forehand low
  • Repeat all except last hit (i.e. partner down)
  • Must pull stick in when going from one diagonal to other to avoid unwanted collision with partners stick.

On Zoom

Use standard Zoom Bledington figures.

Dance chorus facing the camera.

Omit hey and end with double time sticking instead.



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