Matilda's Weave

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Matilda's Weave
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands Hankie
Set size as many pairs as will
Tune Sheriff's Ride
Musical sequence A. (AB)4

Hankie dance for as many pairs as will [by whom?]


  1. Foot up
  2. Half Hands
  3. Back to Back
  4. Rounds
    • As the number of pairs varies, rounds are done in groups of 2, 4, or 6.
    • Eight dancers would be 2 rounds of 4, 10 dancers would be groups of 4, 6, and 4, 12 dancers would be 3 groups of 4, etc.


  • Stepping is 6 open sidesteps in a zig zag pattern and a galley right moving forward around the big oval that is the set.
  • All face slightly left do an right open sidestep passing back to back with their partner (this can also be seen as passing belly to belly with the person on the left diagonal)
  • Do a left open sidestep passing this person. Right passing the next, left passing the next, right with next, left with next
  • All do a galley right forward with a 1/4 turn to face a new partner. Dancers on the ends of the line galley across to the opposite line
  • During the zig zag, when a dancer reaches the ends at position 2 or position N (i.e. there was no one to pass belly to belly with and now no one beside them)
  • the dancer does a left closed sidestep on the spot turning over their right shoulder 180 degrees. They are now the end of the line and continue the zig zag


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Tune: Sheriff's Ride

Sequence: A. (AB)4