London Rounds

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London Rounds
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands hankies
Set size as many as will
Tune Lillibulero
Musical sequence Need sequence
Notes Written by Thames Valley Morris


Circular formation. Only figure is rounds:

  • 2 double steps clockwise around circle
  • 4 plain capers turning over left shoulder to face back around
  • 2 double steps back to starting place
  • 4 plain capers over right shoulder to face in.


  • 4 swagger steps into center with a high show up with both hankies.
  • galley right to face out.
  • 2 distinctive steps moving out.
  • galley left to face back in.

Distinctive steps

  • First chorus — side step left then right
  • Second chorus — left squash beetle, right squash beetle
  • Third chorus — left upright caper, right upright caper

Ends with a rounds figure finishing the capers facing out.



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