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Tradition Bledington
Hands hankies
Set size 6
Tune Reb Dovidl, aka Lustig Sein
Musical sequence Need sequence
Notes Written by Ken Smith, Laurie Andres, Claude Ginsberg


  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Whole hands
  • Rounds

Ends with a hook and 3 plain capers


  • 4 side steps starting right, crossing with your corner
  • 2 distinct steps facing out, hook leg right
    • 1st chorus - salute right then left
    • 2nd chorus - 2 fourie capers (right, left)
    • 3rd chorus - 2 two backs (right, left)
    • 4th chorus - 2 splitters

After 3rd corner cross:

  • all standing broad jump into center nose to nose with partner (middles have to caper forward).
  • 6 hucklebacks starting with a right leg swing backing far away, step and jump
  • 2 doubles steps (1 to nose to nose, 1 in place), hook right to original set position



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