Hereburgh Windmill

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Hereburgh Windmill
Tradition Fieldtown (Hereburgh styling)
Hands stick
Set size 8
Tune tune name
Musical sequence Need sequence


  • Basic sequence is 2 double steps, 2 single steps, foot together jump.
  • Sticks are held loosely vertical and swing up and down


  • Dance in - Start in star formation with pairs off stage (one behind the other)
    • Front of each pair does FTJ and dances on with 2 double steps, 2 single steps, FTJ with a forehand basket clash in center
    • Center people turn over right on the spot while remaining 4 dance in to meet them, 2 ds, 2 ss, FTJ with a forehand clash with partner.
    • Set is now in a windmill formation with 4 pairs and the rest of the dance is done in this formation
  • Squares
    • Outside dancers turn left 90 degrees and dance out to the corners of what will be a large square
    • Inside dancers turn left about 240 degrees and dance out the the center of the side of the square
    • All retire backwards with 2 single steps to orignal places. Repeat but going right this time.
  • Whole hands
    • Outside people do a right shoulder whole hands with the middle person to the left of their partner
    • Inside people turn over their left shoulder to dance with the outside person behind them to their left
    • Repeat but everyone going to their right for a left shoulder whole hands
  • Rounds
    • All circle left in 2 circles. Inside people go counter clockwise once all the way around
    • Outside people go clockwise halfway around. Clash forehand with the person you meet at the halfway point
    • All circle right (no hard turn). When you reach your partner, trade places by the left shoulder to exchange inside and outside positions
  • Back to back - similar to whole hands, right shoulder with person on the left, left shoulder with person on the right
  • Reel
    • Two interlocking heys for 4 across the set. Start right shoulder with partner.
    • Ends will then pass left shoulder in the center (as a group of 4) while others turn right to face in
    • Pass right shoulder with new person, new centers pass left while others turn right to face
    • Forehand clash with original partner but everyone is now on the opposite side of the set.
    • Repeat that back to place
  • Dance off
    • Outsides circle left, insides dance forward and fall in behind their partner to form a large circle of 8
    • Dance around until #1 leads off, everyone else following in a line.


  • Dib butt of stick on ground to the right. Forehand clash with partner. Dib butt on ground to the left. Backhand clash with partner
  • Two capers while clashing forehand tips, backhand butts with partner, 2 more capers while turning to face clockwise around the set
  • On 3rd caper, inside person grabs stick of outside person (held vertically). On 4th caper all extend free hand straight out to side
  • Inside people have a tight group of 4 vertical sticks in the center.
  • All dance halfway around in 2 double steps, 2 single steps. Keeping the 2 lines straight and orthogonal
  • Repeat sticking and rotation from opposite side of the set to return to original places



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