Fanny Frail

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Fanny Frail
Tradition Bessels Leigh
Hands two short sticks
Set size 6
Tune Fanny Frail
Musical sequence Need sequence

This page is a placeholder! You can help by filling in the dance details. Bessels Leigh stick dance for six.


  • Once-to-yourself
  • Foot-up
  • Through-the-middle
  • Cast (from inverted set)
  • Half-rounds
  • Crossover


  • with partner stick R forehand and L forehand
  • 1st corners step in (as in Musketeers), stick R and L w/ new partner
  • 2nd corners step in, stick R and L
  • w/ same partner, stick R, stick self R on L, stick L
  • half-hey on the 45 degree diagonal, 2nd corners are now middles for the half-hey.
  • Repeat, square the set when 2nd corners come in to stick to orient 90 to original
  • half-hey on new axis, next figure from new orientation.


  • After final chorus, set will be oriented 90 CCW from where it began (having rotated one full rotation plus a quarter)
  • Caper up into one long line facing the music,
  • Rear (Master) line capers up slotting in to the left of their partner, 1 ends up at the far left land Foot together w/ self clash


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