Double Star

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Double Star
Tradition Fieldtown
Hands Hankie
Set size 8
Tune Enrico
Musical sequence A. (AB)4

Hankie dance for 8 by Randall Cayford


  • Foot up
  • Half hands
  • Back to back
  • Rounds (top and bottom rounds in groups of 4)


  • Ends galley over their outside shoulders moving straight back out of the set
  • while middles all pass right shoulders through the center of the set & head through far end of set in 2 double steps
  • Middles will finish the second double set side by side in the center of a line of 4 with the ends (1,6,5,2 and 7,4,3,8)
  • Middles galley out to ends of the lines (where the other dancers where) while ends cross through the middle to new lines of 4
  • Repeat with new middles galleying out to ends, new ends crossing through the center by the right shoulder
  • Middles galley out and mostly on the spot to finish as the ends of a new set.
  • Ends cross through the middle with 1 double step and a foot together jump turning in the air to end in what was their neighbors place.
  • At the end of the chorus, everyone has traded places with their neighbor beside them so the order is 3,1,7,5 opposite 4,2,8,6
  • End and middle roles will be switched for the next chorus (i.e. new middles do the middle pattern, new ends do the end pattern)


Tune: Enrico

Sequence: A. (AB)4